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Guided Studio Class (Ages 3-13) Clay series Part 1- Pinching

Join us as we learn all about clay hand building techniques. We'll be learning how to build different sculptures using pinching, coiling, and slab construction and the decorating techniques incising, piercing, and appliqué. We'll be using paper clay, which air dries, rather than being fired in a kiln and can be decorated and embellished with any type of paint.

There will be a suggested sculpture topic for each section of the series but students can also be guided through a project of their choice.

Parents must stay at the Roots but are not expected to assist.

Individual classes are $15. If you sign up for the 6-week series, each class is $13.

Students will need to sign up for 2 classes at a time, in order to finish their project.


Week 1: Pinching

Week 2: Paint and embellish finished sculpture


Week 3: Slab construction

Week 4: Paint and embellish finished sculpture


Week 5: Coiling

Week 6: Paint and embellish finished sculpture

Please register for classes using this link: